Describe one thing you’re learning in class today.

The basics of thinking through problems step by step to execute a code function! My brain likes to skip around and jump straight to the answer/outcome and Im slowly learning this doesn't translate well into learning a new programming language.

What is the difference between == and === ?

== is comparing whether or not multiple variables share the same value

=== is checking whether or not 2 variables are the same value AND the same type

What is the value of foo? var foo = 10 + ‘20’;


Describe what…

Blog post 106

  1. Think back on your first day of class. How did you think websites were built? Now how do you think they’re built? What’s the difference in your thinking? — I thought websites were just a bunch of drag and drop objects that you can place on a page to style to your liking (I have actually built websites this way). Now I know it is much more complex than that and requires a tremendous amount of work and detail. …

How has this course changed your outlook on learning? What’s changed? Why?

This course has really challenged me to accept new concepts and for me to not give up when things get challenging…. I came in with an intention to learn back-end development and have struggled to grasp the front-end(CSS and I have conflict). However, I have embraced the challenge of figuring out how to become proficient in my styling and I feel the struggles have made me more effective (trial and erroring).

When frustration comes up how do you be with it? What’s your course of action?

Being proficient in CSS! There are so many ways to duplicate your styling intentions and I find myself going down the rabbit hole quite a bit. I have learned…

Checkpoint time.

How do you describe the feeling of imposter syndrome? When does it affect you the most? Why?

  • Imposter syndrome is when one experiences self-doubt in their accomplishments and feels as if they are undeserving of recognition and might be exposed as a fraud.

When does this affect me the most? and why? I think it's a natural reaction for someone to exhibit this when they are learning a new concept and don't want it to be evident they are not understanding. …

Here’s what I think

How is JavaScript different from CSS? In what ways? How are they similar?

Javascript is dependable for interactivity on a webpage while CSS is used for styling purposes. They are similar in the sense that both can be used for styling purposes but differ in the sense that Javascript is dynamic and needs logic added for the function to be used, as CSS is static and just needs filters applied

How do you map the many different DOM methods and properties in your mind? How would you describe them to a non-developer?

Im not sure if I am recalling this question correctly, but in my mind, I list or write out the objects I see or intend to put on a page starting from the top and working down, then I define the methods or…

I’ve quickly learned small wins mean everything with Coding!

What has your experience learning to code been like so far? What would you change about it?

Thus far, my experience with learning to code has been exciting! I love how fast-paced and granular it is, but yet still able to grasp relatively easily through repetition. The flipped classroom approach is a bit unorthodox, but it works well in a skill like coding. Learning at my own pace through modules, while collaborating with other new-coming coders through a virtual setting creates a smooth learning experience for people who learn more effectively in a dynamic setting.

I'm not sure what I would change about it! There’s so much to learn and grasp at once that it's difficult to…


What excites you about coding? How do you think it can change the world?

I have always been inquisitive about the way things work on the backend, which blends well with my core belief of always identifying gaps and filling them. Coding provides me a behind-the-scenes perspective of how each detail is manipulated and rendered. This is exciting!

How do I think it can change the world?

It allows people and communities to be more connected than ever before! That pretty device that allows you to call your relatives- Coding/Programming. Your car turning on and each mechanism knows it function-Coding/Programming. The pretty website that you buy your groceries on-Coding/Programming….. Are you catching my drift?

What does doctype do at the top of your HTML file? Why does this need to be specified?

The Doctype needs to be specified before the…

My First Blog

Describe one thing you learned in class today

Today I learned about one of the most important CSS properties, which is flex. HTML is pretty upfront once the structure behind a document is understood. Writing the content is one thing, but being able to strategically place elements on a page is another. The flex property makes it easier to design a responsive layout.

Describe your choice of 2 pseudo-selectors and discuss what they are used for.

The pseudo-selector :hover is a nice feature to the page that creates a perceived action to a page; ie making a button turn grey when the mouse hovers over it

The first-child pseudo-class is also another fun one to play with for…

Tevin Foster

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