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Tevin Foster
2 min readMar 16, 2021


How is JavaScript different from CSS? In what ways? How are they similar?

Javascript is dependable for interactivity on a webpage while CSS is used for styling purposes. They are similar in the sense that both can be used for styling purposes but differ in the sense that Javascript is dynamic and needs logic added for the function to be used, as CSS is static and just needs filters applied

How do you map the many different DOM methods and properties in your mind? How would you describe them to a non-developer?

Im not sure if I am recalling this question correctly, but in my mind, I list or write out the objects I see or intend to put on a page starting from the top and working down, then I define the methods or actions Ill call to on those certain elements. For example, if an object in the HTML is a square and I want that square to turn red when it's clicked, I would use write a rule in my JS that tells the HTML object to change. — I would use this same explanation for non-developers.

What do you find surprising about coding so far? Do you find anything easy? What? Why?

The surprising thing to me about coding is the fact that you are basically learning a new language while sharpening your research skills. I find the structure of an HTML itself is a simple concept to grasp because it's very logic-based once it's explained in normal English.

What’s difficult about coding for you? Why?

CSS! There are so many ways to style forms and so many properties you can use that'll achieve the same thing that it's almost overwhelming. It gets easier once you learn the core basic properties, but Im still learning all the new ones that can be utilized.

What’s cool about event listeners? Why are they useful and what more would you like to learn about them?

Event listeners are cool because these are actions users are naturally doing as they navigate webpages. When a viewer is doing a specific action on a page, you can call on that action to do something else (trigger effect) through event listeners (onclick, dblclick, mouseup, mousedown, etc.) which is extremely helpful as you build webpages or dive deeper in the backend developing.

I would like to learn everything I can about these!

Why are you motivated? Why are you in this class?

Simple! I want to enhance my technical aptitude and learn how to speak the language when I am designing features for Ops functions in my current role. I believe blending my Project Manager Skills with Coding will be extremely beneficial.



Tevin Foster